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About Us

Harambee by definition it is a Swahili term for “Let’s all pull together” used to build and maintain communities.

The Harambee Golf Club is an organized collective of men who enjoy golf, fellowshipping, and more importantly, community. What sets Harambee apart from other golf clubs? Well, we love to be competitive with other clubs as well as within ourselves, however, it doesn’t take us over. We’ll look out for our brother if he has a need for guidance with a tip, or an ear for a life issue.

Where does Harambee play? We play at various courses throughout the NY, NJ, CT tri-state area. We look to stay within a 60 mile radius of Staten Island. Is Harambee expensive to join? The expense is relative to perception. Yearly membership dues are $100. That will cover course deposits, trophies and club functions.

What type of players are in the club? Harambee is broken up into 4 flights named for various African American golf icons and pioneers and by skill level, Peete, Sifford, Tiger, & Elder going from advanced to casual level club players respectively. All are welcome. Does Harambee play a lot of rounds? We currently play 7 rounds called “Majors” which include the club championship. We’ve found this to build heightened anticipation vs. playing every week. It gives us a chance to miss each other if you will

We are looking to increase membership, and keep attendance per event strong. We’ll need your help. Grab your friends, relatives, business associates, and sideline playing partners. We’ll make it worth your while.

You have a home in the Harambee Golf Club.


Name Points M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 Championship
William Robinson 75.38 108 102 100 89 97
Herb Daughtry 73.88 97 88 96
Jahmel Daise 60.5 105 96 106 104 105
Arnold P. Keith 46.25 119 99 94 103 102
Allan S Matthew 44.39 107 90 101
Bob Buss 38.13 112 103 90 90
Jeff Louis 36.01 108 107 99 102 116
Shaka Simms 35 129 109 111 97 107 110
John Degraffenreidt 25.25 97 93